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Is the next Thalidomide-style scandal about to break?

The Human Papilloma Vaccine (HPV) is a treatment in widespread use but its efficacy in preventing cancer is medically unproven, while unintended, adverse reactions are blighting and even ending the lives of girls and young women across the world. However, pharmaceutical manufacturers and many health authorities are refusing to acknowledge there is a problem and the medical community is continuing to offer the vaccine.

Sacrificial Virgins – so named because the vaccine is often given to girls before they become sexually active – exposes increasing evidence of serious neurological damage following the HPV injections. It calls for the vaccine to be withdrawn in the hope that this will help to halt another global tragedy.

The documentary is divided into three parts.

Part I “Not for the greater good” questions whether HPV actually causes cervical cancer. It states that there is so far no proof that the HPV vaccination of girls can prevent cervical cancer in her later life and highlights compelling evidence that the risk of severe, neurological side-effects outweighs its unproven benefits.
Part II “Pain and suffering” focuses on two young British victims who are paralysed and on a likely cause of the adverse reactions: the use of a new type of aluminium in the vaccines and also the addition of other aluminium content which was not included in the safety trials.

Part III “A penny for your pain” looks at the growing litigation around the world following HPV vaccine damage. Over a hundred cases are going through the courts in Japan . There is ongoing litigation in Spain and a class action in Colombia involving 700 injured girls.